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Sports Betting in April 2024

There’s some spectacular sporting action to look forward to throughout March and April, which presents a number of exciting betting opportunities. As ever, there’s a vast array of great football betting on offer, with the season now reaching a critical stage in deciding domestic and European trophies.

Soccer Betting

Soccer betting in April hits a critical period as leagues across Europe and other parts of the world approach their concluding phases. This month often sees the destiny of league titles, relegation battles, and qualification spots for European competitions hanging in the balance, making every match crucial and every bet potentially more rewarding.

Champions League betting is now at the quarter-final stage, so there are some fascinating ties on the horizon, including Arsenal v Bayern Munich, Real Madrid v Manchester City, PSG v Barcelona and Atletico Madrid v Dortmund.

Europa League betting features Bayer Leverkusen v West Ham United and Liverpool v Atalanta as two of the last eight ties. The big tie in Europa Conference League betting from an Italian perspective is AC Milan v Roma.

Premier League betting highlights include Man City v Aston Villa and Chelsea v Man Utd, whilst FA Cup betting is now at the semi-final stage, with a real heavyweight clash in Manchester City v Chelsea on April 21 and the other semi is between Coventry v Man Utd the following day.

Sharp bettors keenly study form, injury updates, and head-to-head records, as teams with everything to play for can produce unpredictable results. April also frequently includes key fixtures in domestic cup competitions and critical stages of European club competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, adding another layer of excitement and betting opportunities.

Basketball Betting

Betting on basketball in April becomes particularly exciting and strategic due to the culmination of the regular NBA season and the beginning of the playoffs. This period marks a critical phase for bettors, as teams fight for their playoff positions or embark on their postseason campaigns. The intensity of the games increases, and so does the scrutiny by bettors on player performance, team dynamics, and head-to-head records.

April basketball betting demands a keen eye on injury reports, player rest days, and potential game strategies, as these factors can significantly impact game outcomes. Additionally, the college basketball season reaches its peak with the NCAA Tournament, culminating in the Final Four and the National Championship game early in the month.

This offers bettors a wide array of betting opportunities, from predicting the outright winner to engaging in prop bets concerning individual player achievements. As a result, April stands out as a pivotal month for basketball enthusiasts and bettors alike, offering high stakes and thrilling betting scenarios across both the NBA and college basketball landscapes.

Rugby Betting

In April, Rugby Union betting takes on an invigorated pace as the season enters critical phases across various leagues and competitions. This period often features key matches in domestic leagues like the Gallagher Premiership in England and the United Rugby Championship spanning teams from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and South Africa, among others.

It’s also a time when European competitions, such as the Heineken Champions Cup and Challenge Cup, approach their knockout stages, presenting bettors with high-stakes matchups to study.  Rugby betting strategies during this month require a keen understanding of team form, injury reports, and historical performance in knock-out settings.

Cricket Betting

April marks a significant period in the cricket calendar, particularly enticing for cricket betting enthusiasts. This month often sees the commencement or continuation of the Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the most prestigious T20 leagues globally, attracting international stars and generating immense betting interest. Additionally, the early English County Championship matches may begin, offering a different type of cricket betting with the longer format of the game.

Bettors must navigate through various factors such as player form, team composition, pitch conditions, and historical performances to make informed decisions. The diversity of matches across formats and leagues in April provides a rich tapestry of betting opportunities for cricket aficionados, from live betting to futures on tournament winners and individual player achievements.

Horse Racing Betting

There’s plenty of fantastic horse racing betting opportunities throughout the month, led by the Randox Health Grand National Festival at Aintree. In addition, there’s also the Coral Scottish Grand National Meeting at Ayr, the All Weather Championships Final Day at Newcastle and the bet365 Jump Finale at Sandown Park.

Other Sports Events in April