NFL betting brings an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling spectacle of American football, attracting a vast audience of fans and bettors alike. With each season, the National Football League offers a wide array of betting opportunities, from the preseason through to the Super Bowl, the pinnacle of NFL excitement.

Bettors can engage in various types of wagers, including but not limited to, point spreads, moneylines, over/under totals, parlays, and prop bets. These betting options allow for strategic bets on game outcomes, individual performances, and season-long achievements.

Super Bowl Betting Guide

Super Bowl Betting 2024

Super Bowl betting in 2024 is anticipated to attract massive attention from bettors worldwide, capitalizing on one of the largest sporting events of the year. With a wide range of betting options available, from straightforward match winners and point spreads to intricate prop bets that cover every aspect of the game, the Super Bowl offers something for every level of sports bettor.

This event not only showcases the pinnacle of NFL competition but also represents a peak season for sportsbooks, with special promotions, competitive odds, and unique Super Bowl prop betting markets specifically tailored for the Super Bowl spectacle.

Which teams are in Super Bowl 2024?

Defending Super Bowl champions the  Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers  in the Super Bowl LVIII on February 11th 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Introduction to NFL Betting

The NFL, the pinnacle of American Football, features 32 teams split between the AFC and NFC, culminating in the Super Bowl, a major sports event in early February. This guide will explore betting tips and strategies to enhance your NFL betting, delving into the numerous betting markets the league offers.

The allure of NFL betting lies not just in the potential financial gains but also in the depth of analysis and strategy involved. Before placing bets, enthusiasts dive into player statistics, team performance, historical matchups, and even weather conditions. This level of detail enriches the betting experience, making each game not just a test of team strength but also a measure of the bettor’s insight and strategy.

Moreover, the advent of US online sportsbooks and betting apps has revolutionised NFL betting, making it more accessible than ever. Fans can now place bets from anywhere, at any time, and live betting options have added a dynamic aspect to wagering, allowing bets to be placed as the game unfolds. This real-time engagement ensures that gambling on the NFL remains a constantly evolving landscape, with each play potentially shifting the odds and outcomes.

NFL Betting Markets

The NFL betting landscape offers a diverse range of options, from straightforward game winners and outright markets to more nuanced bets like handicaps, over/under totals and touchdown scorers. Additionally, prop markets, which focus on specific game events unrelated to the final outcome, are gaining popularity. Let’s delve into these betting opportunities for a comprehensive understanding.

Money Line

The Money Line bet in the NFL is the simplest form of wagering, offering a direct choice between two teams. You select the team you predict will win the game outright in this two-option market.

Points Spread / Handicap

In NFL spread betting, the favorite team is given a point handicap to level the playing field. For instance, in a match like Super Bowl LVIII with the 49ers versus the Chiefs, the 49ers could be favored to win by 2 points. Betting on the 49ers means they need to win by more than 2 points for your wager to succeed. Conversely, a bet on the Chiefs wins if they triumph, or if they lose by less than 2 points, ensuring your bet pays out.

Total Points

Similar to Rugby Union, NFL games often feature high scores, making the over/under market an exciting option for bettors. This market allows you to bet on the total points scored in a game, adding an extra layer of excitement regardless of the outcome. For instance, if the total points for a Super Bowl are set at 47.5, betting “over” means you expect a total score above 48, while “under” suggests a prediction of 47 points or fewer.

First Touchdown Scorer

This bet involves predicting which player will score the first touchdown, akin to forecasting the first goalscorer in soccer or the first try-scorer in rugby. Similarly, you can wager on who will score the last touchdown or if a player will score a touchdown at any point during the match.

NFL Betting Markets

Futures Betting

Outright winner betting markets are a staple in NFL wagering, offering bets on major outcomes like the Super Bowl winner, AFC and NFC champions, and the winners of the eight divisions. These markets allow for season-long predictions and offer varied betting opportunities throughout the NFL season.

Half Time/Full Time

This wager is well-known among soccer bettors, requiring a prediction of the match’s status at both halftime and at full time. Opting for this market over the Money Line might yield better odds, especially in matches with a strong favorite.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting offers dynamic options in the NFL, including wagers on the next touchdown, sack, or field goal. This form of betting enhances the viewing experience, keeping engagement high as the action unfolds live.

First Scoring Play

Choose the event you believe will open the scoring in the game. In the upcoming Super Bowl, for instance, you can predict whether the first points will come from a touchdown, field goal, or safety by either the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs.

Winning Margin

Winning Margin betting allows you to wager on the victory range rather than the precise score difference. Bookmakers present options for various point ranges, such as a victory by 1-6 points, 7-12 points, or 13-18 points, offering flexibility in predicting the game’s outcome without needing exact precision.

Highest Scoring Half 

This bet involves predicting which half of the game will feature the most points, offering options for the 1st Half, 2nd Half, or a less common outcome, a Draw.

Highest Scoring Quarter

This wager expands the prediction to all four quarters, asking which will have the highest score. Incorporating more variables makes it a challenging bet, yet it can yield greater rewards due to its complexity.


Parlays, known as accumulators in the UK, combine multiple bets from different games, such as a Money Line wager on one, a Spread on another, and a Total Points bet on a third. For the parlay to pay out, every selection within it must be successful.

MVP Award

The NFL MVP (Most Valuable Player) award is a prestigious accolade presented to the player recognized as the most valuable performer in the NFL during the regular season.

Prop Bets

The Super Bowl boasts a plethora of prop bets, offering a variety of intriguing options for bettors. These propositions include predicting the winner of the coin toss, estimating the duration of the US National Anthem performance, and even speculating on the color of the Gatorade that will be used to celebrate the winning coach at the game’s conclusion.

Key Events in the NFL Calendar

Explore the pivotal moments and key events that shape the NFL calendar, from thrilling game days to crucial milestones.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl marks the climax of the NFL season, serving as the championship game that determines the Vince Lombardi Trophy winner. It features a showdown between the champions of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC), now traditionally held on the second Sunday in February.

NFL Draft

Every April, the NFL conducts a draft where college players are selected across seven rounds, with each of the 32 teams receiving one pick per round. The draft order is primarily determined by the teams’ performance in the previous season, with non-playoff teams picking first based on their records. The Super Bowl champions are positioned to pick last, while the runners-up select just before them.

Regular Season

The NFL regular season unfolds over 18 weeks, featuring a total of 272 games. Starting the first Monday in September and ending a week after New Year’s, each of the 32 teams competes in 17 games against 14 different opponents. This schedule is based on a specific formula to ensure a balanced and competitive season.


The NFL playoffs constitute a 14-team single-elimination tournament, comprising seven teams from each conference. These teams include the winners of each of the four divisions, along with three wild card teams. The postseason follows a knockout format, with teams competing until the AFC and NFC champions are determined.

NFL Betting Strategies

Like any other sport, there are fundamental tips and strategies that can enhance your betting experience.

  • Research Form & Injuries

It’s essential to assess the teams’ recent form, including their head-to-head meetings, and keep an eye on key players. In the NFL, especially, the absence of a star quarterback can significantly impact a team’s chances of success, so staying informed about injury news is crucial.

  • Use Betting Offers 

Certain bookmakers provide enticing betting offers for the NFL, including promotions like free bets when you stake a specific amount each week. Utilizing these offers wisely can provide bettors with an advantageous edge in their NFL betting exploits.

  • Home Field Advantage

Home advantage can significantly impact NFL games, especially considering the extensive distances between many teams and the varying weather conditions across the country. It’s essential to conduct thorough research on how a team has performed at home versus on the road throughout the season. Understanding these trends can provide valuable insights for your NFL betting strategy.

Responsible Gambling

As with any form of gambling, responsible betting is paramount. The thrill of betting on NFL games should enhance the enjoyment of the sport, not detract from it. Bettors are encouraged to set limits, understand the odds, and approach betting as a form of entertainment rather than a financial strategy. With the right approach, NFL betting can add an exciting dimension to football fandom, creating a more immersive and interactive experience.


When is the regular NFL season?
The regular NFL season for 2023/24 is scheduled to run from September 7, 2023 until January 7, 2024.
What NFL bets are best for beginners?
When it comes to betting, your choices are ultimately a matter of personal preference. However, if you’re starting with small stakes, betting on the spread can be a sensible option to consider.
What is the Super Bowl MVP?
The Super Bowl MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award (or Super Bowl MVP) is given to the player deemed to be the most valuable of the Super Bowl by a media panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters (which accounts for 80% of the vote total) and fans voting electronically (which accounts for the remaining 20%). The MVP honour is usually given to the winning Super Bowl quarterback.
What are Super Bowl prop bets?
Super Bowl prop bets (Proposition bets) are wagers that are associated with the Super Bowl but not necessarily tied to what happens on the gridiron. The odds on everything from the length of the national anthem to a wardrobe malfunction during halftime entertainment are available at many reputable US bookies.
How competitive is the NFL?
The NFL’s draft system ensures that it’s challenging for any team to sustain long-term success, while struggling teams have the opportunity to turn their fortunes around. This system promotes parity and competitiveness within the league, making it unpredictable and exciting for both fans and bettors alike.
Is there live betting available on the NFL?
Yes, many betting sites provide the option for bettors to engage in in-play betting, allowing them to place bets on the game as it unfolds in real-time. This dynamic form of betting can add excitement and interest to the match, especially for those watching it live.

IMPORTANT – It’s important to note that gambling and online betting involve risks, and individuals should engage in such activities responsibly, adhering to legal regulations in their jurisdiction. Additionally, promotional terms and conditions may apply, so players should carefully read and understand the terms associated with any bonuses or offers before participating. 18+ only.