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The US Open Golf Championship is set to unfold at the historic Pinehurst No. 2 course, renowned for its challenging layout and unpredictable conditions. As the world’s best golfers prepare to compete, bettors are eager to find value in the odds. Here’s a breakdown of the likely contenders and a suggested value bet for the 2024 US Open.

Likely Winners

Who will win the US Open Golf 2024? Here’s a couple of golfers we fancy to take home the $3.6m prize.

Scottie Scheffler (10/3)

Scottie Scheffler has been in phenomenal form recently, consistently finishing in the top 10 in major events. His precision and tactical approach to the game make him a formidable player on a course that demands accuracy and strategic play. Scheffler’s recent performances suggest he’s primed for a breakthrough at a major championship.

Rory McIlroy (14/1)

Rory McIlroy’s experience and talent cannot be overlooked. Although it’s been a while since his last major victory, McIlroy has shown flashes of brilliance and is always a threat. His ability to drive the ball long and navigate difficult courses could play to his advantage at Pinehurst.

Suggested Value Bet – Collin Morikawa (18/1)

Collin Morikawa offers an intriguing value bet for this year’s US Open. Known for his exceptional iron play and calm demeanor, Morikawa has already proven his mettle in major championships with two major wins under his belt. His current odds, often more favorable than the top favorites, provide great value for bettors looking for a solid return. His precision and course management skills are well-suited for the demanding layout of Pinehurst.

Dark Horse – Viktor Hovland – (20/1)

Viktor Hovland is a name to watch out for as a potential dark horse. Hovland has shown tremendous growth and consistency over the past couple of seasons. His recent performances indicate that he’s on the verge of a major breakthrough. Known for his aggressive play and positive attitude, Hovland’s game could translate well at Pinehurst. His current odds provide a high-reward opportunity for those willing to take a calculated risk on a rising star.


While Rory McIlroy and Scottie Scheffler are likely contenders for the US Open 2024 title, the value bet on Collin Morikawa could yield a significant return given his skill set and major championship experience. Meanwhile, Viktor Hovland stands out as a promising dark horse who could surprise the field with his talent and determination. As always, bettors should consider form, course suitability, and recent performances when placing their bets.

US Open Golf 2024 Prize Money

The prize money for the winner of the US Open Golf 2024 is set at $3.6 million. This is part of a record $20 million total purse for the event, reflecting a significant increase from previous years. This substantial prize is in line with efforts to enhance the remuneration for major golf tournaments, making the US Open one of the most lucrative events in the sport​.

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