Since the US Supreme Court lifted the federal prohibition on single-event sports wagering in 2018, individual states across the USA have gained the autonomy to enact their own legal sports betting laws.

In the wake of this decision, the landscape of sports betting and online gambling in the United States is rapidly transforming. State lawmakers are actively advancing bills to legalize and regulate sports betting and casino gambling, aiming to augment state revenue through taxes on these legally operated companies.

USA Legal Gambling & Sports Betting

State-by-State Guide to Legal Sports Betting in the US

Explore the landscape of legal sports betting across the United States with our comprehensive state-by-state guide. Discover the unique regulations, offerings, and the status of sports betting in each state. Click the links for full details about each state.


Since 1949, Nevada has been at the forefront of legal sports betting, being the initial state to legalize sportsbooks. However, its leading position has been eclipsed by New Jersey, which has gained greater popularity in the field in recent times.

The growth of Nevada’s sports betting sector is hampered by the regulation that requires bettors to complete their registration at a physical sportsbook before they can bet online, a policy that limits its expansion.

Nevada Legal Sportsbetting

New Jersey

On June 11, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy enacted legislation that authorized single-event sports betting at casinos and racetracks, positioning New Jersey as the third state to regulate its sports betting market. Just three days following, the state’s inaugural sports bet was accepted by William Hill sportsbook, with Governor Murphy placing the bet personally. Since that pivotal moment, New Jersey has ascended to a leading role in the sports betting industry.

New Jersey Legal Sportsbetting