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Every now and then, there is a sports match to beat all the others. There is nothing quite like seeing two fierce rivals facing off against each other on the football field. The excitement of supporting your team and the fun of taunting your friends at their team’s loss is an incomparable feeling.

National Football League (NFL) is no different than the other sports when it comes to sports rivalries. The rivalries listed here will come as no surprise to the true fans of the sport. They continue both on and off the field, and each season brings new matches that pitch these rivals against each other, making for excellent entertainment. No matter who wins, we, the audience, certainly win every time.

Read on as we take a closer look at some of the biggest NFL team rivalries.

The Eagles-Giants rivalry is one of the oldest and most intense in the National Football League history. The two teams first met on October 15, 1933, when the New York Giants managed to beat the Philadelphia Eagles with a staggering aggregate of 56-0.

New York Giants & Philadelphia Eagles

Since 1933, the two teams have faced off 178 times, with the Eagles leading 89-87-2 with a very close aggregate. Many experts and fans of football think that this is the top football rivalry of all time, and seeing the scores, they are not wrong.

The Giants and Eagles play in the same division every year, and the New York-Philadelphia rivalry is not just limited to football. The two states face off against each other in Baseball (Mets & Phillies) and Hockey (Flyers & Rangers) aside from Football, which only adds to the intensity of their competition.

Kansas City Chiefs & Oakland Raiders

The Chiefs-Raiders rivalry dates back to the first meeting of the two teams, which took place on September 16, 1960. The Texans managed to beat the Raiders with an impressive 34-16, starting a competition that continues to this day. The teams most recently played against one another on November 22, 2020, where the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Oakland Raiders with an aggregate of 35-31.

Since 1960, the two teams have met 122 times, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking the lead with 68-54-2. The fanbases of these teams are extremely loyal to their athletes and only add to the fuel of this bitter rivalry.

New England Patriots & New York Jets

The Jets-Patriots rivalry has seen 122 meetings between the two teams since their first match on September 17, 1960, when the Patriots handed the Jets their first defeat with a 28-24 aggregate. The geographic rivalry between New York and Boston has played a significant role in adding to their competition.

The New England Patriots and New York Jets have played in the American Football Conference in the East Division since their NFL debut. The teams have continued to face off against each other in at least two matches per year since 1960, which makes it one of the toughest competitions in the National Football League.

The teams most recently played against each other on January 3, 2020, where the New England Patriots dominated the football field with 28-14. They are expected to meet again in the 2021 NFL season.

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